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We pride ourselves on the products and services we provide to our new and existing customers. Our commitment to you and your buggy is the envy of the single seat golf buggy industry. We supply superior quality golf buggies designed and manufactured in England by ourselves.

All our buggies are manufactured to a bespoke design, in our factory, to your requirements.

We are leaders in the single seat golf buggy industry, providing a unique after sales service from our highly skilled and qualified engineers. Our workshops and vehicles are fully equipped to deal with any service or repair.

Our mobile service engineers travel to your home or golf club if you require a demonstration, repair or service. One of the benefits of our service team is that we will endeavour to assist you personally as soon as possible from your initial call.

We are a professional, friendly company based in the heart of England. Being golfers ourselves, we understand how important your buggy is to you; therefore, it is our aim to keep you and your buggy on the course.

Our Grasshopper buggies are capable of going up 30 degree slopes. To keep your buggy in great condition we recommend a regular service by our dedicated team to ensure things like the motor brushes are in good condition to maintain the performance when you need it.

Extended Warranty!

Buy Now and get an extra 3 months warranty on your Grasshopper Golf Buggy.

Lithium LIFEPO4 Batteries

Fit the latest battery technology

Lithium Iron Phosphate, LiFePO4 is changing the face of battery technology. They offer high rates of discharge, long life cycles and are the safest lithium battery chemistry available.

Long cycle life up to 2000 recycles, 8 times that of lead acid battery, 3 times that of Ni-MH battery. Inherently safe, there's no danger even if the battery is misused.

Light weight, up to 1/3 of lead acid battery, 2/3 of Ni-MH battery. Small volume of less than half of lead acid battery, smaller than Ni-MH battery. Low self-discharge, less than 5% after 6 months, good performance at high temperature, more than 70% capacitance remain after 1000 cycles at 45°C. It is environment friendly with no heavy metals or toxic material.

All these advantages are available for your new buggy for only £590.00 extra, a saving of £200.00 on the normal price of £790.00.

Peel Microcars

Peel Microcars

Grasshopper Golf Buggies are synonymous with Great British design and engineering excellence. Our Classic, Junior and Cobra buggies are hand built in our Nottinghamshire factory by a small but highly skilled team of engineers.

Peel Engineering (Home of the World's Smallest Car) have recognised our expertise in the field of electric Golf Buggies and have awarded us the contract to manufacture their PEEL P50 and PEEL TRIDENT Microcars.

Click here to view a road test article on the Peel P50.

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Rules of Golf for Golfers with Disabilities

Peel Microcars

This publication contains permissible modifications to the Rules of Golf for use by golfers with disabilities. This is not intended to be a revision of the Rules of Golf as they apply to able-bodied players. As is the case for the Rules of Golf themselves, these modifications, along with the philosophy expressed herein, have been agreed upon by the United States Golf Association and R&A Rules Limited.

It is important to stress that these Rules modifications only apply if they have been introduced by the Committee in charge of a competition. These modifications do not apply automatically to a competition involving golfers with disabilities.

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2019 Brochure

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Tel: 01415 641 338

Grasshopper Golfkarts

Throughout the UK

Our golf buggies are used at courses throughout the UK.

Download our course list here and find a Grasshopper Golf Buggy near you.

Servicing & Repairs

Our factory in Nottinghamshire is able to undertake servicing or repairs to any make and model of single seat golf buggy, mobility scooter or trolley.

Why not call our engineers on 01623 404 730 to discuss your requirements.


If you have any comments or suggestions, please use the form on the 'Contact Us' page or email them directly to:-


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Made in England

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Pre-Owned Golf Buggies
Pre-Owned Golf Buggies
Pre-Owned Golf Buggies
Pre-Owned Golf Buggies
Pre-Owned Golf Buggies
Pre-Owned Golf Buggies
Pre-Owned Golf Buggies
Pre-Owned Golf Buggies

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